Comunity family house

Complex services for family in Šiauliai city municipality 


Program: European Union funds investment strategy for 2014-2020, the Priority 8 “Enhancing social inclusion and foghting poverty” implementation measure No. 08.4.1 – ESFA – V – 416 “Complex services for family”.


Project title : “Complex services for family in Šiauliai city municipality” (No.08.4.1-ESFA-V-416-01-0008)


Project duration: 48 months.


The purpose of this project is to provide complex family services, together with preventive activities and to enable the family / person to overcome the problems.During the project, the project partners have established community-based family homes in the central and southern part of the city and provide comprehensive family services.

Information and advice is provided on up-to-date services at the Community House of Families and Šiauliai City Municipality. The community-based family home in the central part of the city is located at Ežero 8-122, Šiauliai, and is waiting for you. You can also contact by the indicated phone numbers, email or register yourself  here.




Project coordinator:


Phone number: +370 60271640

More information:

Telephone number: +370 60271640