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Project name: The VET-ification of Online Gaming through innovative challenge based learning

Project acronym: CASINO

Project number: 2020-1-FR01-KA226-VET-094957


Within the CASINO project the approach followed is not a gamification of VET content, but rather the "VET-ification" of gaming content. CASINO proposes the development of a
compendium of innovative challenge-based learning games presented for use specifically on smartphones and tablets, the devices of choice of NEET target groups. This will include
the design and development of Digital Breakouts with all the features of successful mobile games but with a series of embedded-learning layers to develop key transversal skills like
literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, problem solving, etc. On successful completion of each challenge, the learner/gamer will attract a badge of merit/achievement which will be benchmarked
against recognized learning outcomes in the key competence frameworks. In this way, a skills portfolio will be automatically attributed to each gamer who completes one or
more of the bespoke resources designed. This will enable even the most reluctant learner to develop the first steps of an educational journey to continuous vocational education and

The main aim of the CASINO project is the design and development of a compendium of mobile games to:
• Engage reluctant learners
• Raise their self-esteem and self-awareness in an immediate and tangible way
• Build their self-confidence
• Motivate them to begin a pathway to continuous vocational education and training


To achieve this aim partners will design and produce the following Intellectual Outputs:
IO1. A compendium of Digital Breakouts that are designed to progressively build and accredit the selected key competences
IO2. In-service training for VET tutors, counsellors and guidance experts
IO3. Online Game CASINO - MOOC

Project coordinator:

Association deGestion des FondsEuropeens(France)

Project partners:

Future inperspective limited (Ireland), Hauptstadtallee239 V V UG (Skills ElevationFHB) (Germany),Callidus ustanovaza obrazovanjeodraslih (Crotia), Instituto para elfomento deldesarrollo y laformacion sl (Spain), Centre for advancement of research and development in educational technology ltd-cardet (Cyprus),Right challenge–Associacao (Portugal), VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras (Lithuania)

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