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About project: In the field of technical careers within the newEuropean priorities in education and training,higher education system should boost theknowledge economy and respond to labor marketneeds and contribute to the demands of a changinglabor market by raising skills and applyinginnovative approaches to improve the relevance ofcurricula by enhancing the transition to theemployment of university students, as well aspromoting gender equalityOn this basis the INNO-TEC-LAB is aiming toadvance technical careers by enhancing therelevance of curricula in adapting to current laborand societal needs, and to support innovation inthe field of design in technical careers through anetwork of innovation laboratories.

Key objectives: To create and validate a model based in interdisciplinarity to support innovation in the field of design in technical careers through a network of inovation laborotories that will be connected to each other and will serve to improve learning tools, knowledge exchange, training of learners and researchers.


Project news

Kick off meeting 

2020-11-09 was the first meeting of project “Development of opportunities in the field of design for technical careers through innovation-laboratories – INNO-TEC-LAB”. Project code: 2020-1-IT02-KA203-079775 – INNO-TEC-LAB.

In the first meeting we got acquainted with the project and all project participants.

We look forward to other meetings and further work together!


First Newsletter

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