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Skillability: Social inclusion and employability for people with disability

Project name: Skillability: Social inclusion and employability for people with disability Erasmus+KA204

Project code: 2020-1-NL01-KA204-064575


The project targeting people with dissability who have difficulties in accessing the labour market, but do possess marketable skills, regardless of the manner they have been acquired–this could be via formal or informal training, occupational therapy, personal hobbies, apprenticeships.

Key objectives:

Encourage entrepreneurship and personal development;

Work towards financial independence and reduce reliance on social funds for people with dissability;

Remove physical barriers by providing a digital communication/ work platform; 

Expand access to markets for specific skills and related products/services;

Improve key skills and marketable skills;

Promoting role-models and providing inspiration to motivate other people to seek to employ their skills for better living.


Training: staff training for coaches and mentors from partner organisations (incl. Volunteers)covering all training modules.


Drawing to Health (Nyderlandai) - coordinators. 

VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras (Lietuva), Private VocationalCollege ofManagementAdam Smith LLC (Bulgarija), Natsionalenucheben tsentar (Bulgarija), NewService srl (Italija), DDL–DELFT DIGITALLEARNING,UNIPESSOALLDA (Portugalija), RAZVOJNA, AGENCIJASAVINJSKO-SALESKEREGIJE, D. O. O.(Slovėnija),CopenhagenBusiness Academy(Danija)

Project news

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2021 The Erasmus + project “Skillability: Social inclusion and employability for people with disability” 2020-1-NL01-KA204-064575 took place in Velenje, Slovenia on 13 – 17 December.

During the training, prospective mentors were introduced to the Skills Assessment and Personal Progress Planning Methodology, which consisted of:

Communication guide for mentors

Motivation assessment

Soft and specific skills assessment

Progress planning

These trainings provided an opportunity to deepen the theoretical knowledge and to test in practice the tasks that will be used in working with the target group.

The training participants were also introduced to the project's remote platform, which was created to facilitate the training process, communication with the project participants and adapted for mentors to share their experiences with each other.

During the meeting, partners discussed about the successful work and planned further activities for the project development.

Specialists of VsI Socialiniu inovaciju centras have returned from training in Slovenia full of new ideas and pleasant impressions


Giving the same opportunities to all those who want to contribute to society and their own lives as protagonists through work. This is what we intend to do with the Skillability platform. So that everyone can say "I am part of this".

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"Before you judge my life or my character put on my shoes, walk the path I walked. Live my pain, my doubts, my laughter. Live the years I have lived and fall where I have fallen and get up again as I have done." (Luigi Pirandello, Sicilian writer)

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The press is known as 'the fourth power', a definition now extended to all forms of communication... and so also to sign language ;)

Find out how on https://skilltalent.eu


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Who says that a person who has no upper limbs cannot paint? You

just need the right inspiration...

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Who says that a person who has no upper limbs cannot paint? You

just need the right inspiration...

#ifit #iampartofthis #seeme #lookatme #team #erasmusplusnl


Today was the first meeting of project “Social inclusion and employability for people with disability”. Project code: 2020-1-NL01-KA204-064575.

In the first meeting we got acquainted with the project and all project participants.

We look forward to other meetings and further work together!