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Project title: Virtual Reality and EU standards in the real estate sector

Project number: 2021-1-BG01-KA220-VET-000034659

The project general objective is to enhance the quality and accessibility of VET in the real estate sector (RES), through blending of the EU standards and integration of Virtual reality (VR) technologies in the practical training.

The project specific objectives are:

1. Linking RES business and VET through creation of digital competence centre for continuing training;

2. Blending EU Standards in VET training in RES through provision of integrated OERs;

3. Introduction of VR in the learning experience, through development of digital tools for training and practice.

Developing a competence centre, merging the educational knowledge and business experiences, will enhance the competences of the teaching staff-the new generations and those who have been in the profession for a long time.


Particularly, the project will focus on innovation in pedagogy; flexible curricula, interdisciplinary approaches within the stakeholders, innovative teaching practice, including ways of using and bringing digital tools into the training environments and stimulating distance learning practices. Tools for updating the training curricula in the sector will be provided. Europe is lagging behind USA and China in the field of providing professional staff for the real estate services. Property manager specialists, as well as real estate agents, are in a process of training and certification, in a scattered, incoherent and expensive manner. The project will make those educational resources digital, open, accessible and standardized for the wider auditorium of potential VET learners.


The main project activities will include a total of five main activities, as follows:

1. Innovative VET curricula blending VR and EU standards

2. Methodology for integration and Assignment for development of e-learning web platform with VR practical module

 3. Software development of a VR Builder core

 4. E-learning VET platform for RES trainers and learners

 5. Pilot database of OERs

Project start date: 01.11.2021

Project end date: 01.11.2024


Association "FIABCI - Bulgaria"


VšĮ Socialinių inovacijų centras (Lithuania)

Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA)

P and C Company Ltd (Bulgaria)

Instituto de Tecnologias Avançadas para a Formação Lda (ITA-ISTEC) – Portugal

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